Casa Nieske was built in the '80s to accommodate the family. The terrain measures 3000m². Later a swimming pool was constructed which measures 7x14 meters and the gardens were flourishing more beautiful every year. Now, after twenty odd years, the house is an oasis of tranquility close to the town's center. Our children have left the nest and the house became large and empty. That's why we decided to restyle part of it into an apartment.
The apartment.
Consisting of a livingroom with kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom it suits two persons perfectly. All is newly constructed and furnished. A carpark is available inside the gate, in front of the apartment. A separate part of the garden provides for shadow and sunny places for the guests. Privacy, lingering or bbq-ing, do what you like. The pool is at your disposal as often as you want.
Sarzana is situated east of the Magra river just at the crossing of the 'La Cisa'and the 'Via Aurelia' Roman roads. It's a medieval town surrounded by city walls dating back to the 16th century. The town's name was mentioned for the first time by emperor Ottone I, in 963. He recognizes the hamlet of Sarzanello which was called 'Castrum Sarzanae' at that time. Click here for a historic city map.
Val di Magra.
Sarzana later became the natural capital of the Val di Magra. This was due to the facts that it was situated close to the sea and to the fertile soils around it. The old Roman port of Luni, which was deserted in 1053, was closeby. Beautiful towns and hamlets are all around Sarzana like "The valley of the castles' and 'The hills of the sea'. Villages which are all worth a visit like: Arcola, Nicola, Castelnuovo Magra, Santo Stefano Magra, Trebiano and Bocca di Magra. Click here for a map of the region.

I hope to welcome you at our place, Nieske Bugliani.