Lucca, Garfagnana, Alpi Apuane, Thermae, Versilia.
Lucca is one of the most beautiful Italian walled cities. Lucca is a half hour drive from Sarzana. The Garfagna is a mountainous region with castles and thermal baths. The most mondaine riviera is The Versilia where you find Forte dei Marmi, Torre del Lago and Viareggio. It was in the Apuanean Alps where Michelangelo dug his marble for his David.

Florence. De capital of Tuscany showing the best art in the world.
This is definitly the most beautiful of all art cities. Famous art is al around and not in museums only. The city is a 1 hour drive from Sarzana. Designer factory outlet store The Mall (map) sells all expensive goodies for low prices.

Cinque Terre, Golfo dei Poeti, Val di Vara, Val di Magra, Levanto, Via Francigena.
Known for it's beautiful villages and views, it's a daytrip you shouldn't miss for the world. Five fishing villages connected by paths and a railroad. It is touristy in summer though. The Via del Amore from manarola to Riomaggiore is very romantic to walk. Not touristy at all and back to the medieval times is the queiet valley named Val di Vara. The old pilgrims route, the Via Francigena is loved by hikers.

Pisa, famous for its leaning tower but there's more to it.
Of course it's a miracle to see the leaning tower and the rest of the Campo but the city itself is not to be missed either. The city is split in two by the Arno river, it has a warm atmosphere.

July and August in Torre del Lago: Puccini Festival starring a.o. Andrea Bocelli.
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